Offering World Class Private Swim Instruction

By World Championship and Olympic Level Coach Mike Pliuskaitis (29 years coaching experience)

Programs for USA Swim Club members, Masters, Triathletes and Summer League Swimmers

For Program Information:  703-966-1125  
or email

Why SWIMTec?

Parent / Swimmer / Coach Interaction    Video Analysis Sessions   Flexible Practice Times   

Stroke Specific Training 
  100% Attention On Your Swimmer 

                                           Technical Programs                                            

Offering 30 and 60 Minute Sessions

Private (1 to 1)  Semi-Private (1 to 2-3)  Group (1 to 4-6)

Video Analysis
(private/semi-private only)

Unsurpassed technical and video analysis to improve stroke mechanics by Coach Mike Pliuskaitis.

Conditioning Programs

Offering 60 Minute Sessions
Private (1 to 1)
Semi-Private (1 to 2-3)
Group (1 to 4-6)

Certified Master Personal Trainer

Intelligent workout design to meet your conditioning goals.

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